Litigation Support

Litigation support involves the quantification of economic damages pursuant to existing or pending litigation using accounting and auditing techniques. Our staff compiles information efficiently to assist in the calculation and documentation of any potential economic loss or damage.

RTBH’s Litigation Department is one of the forerunners in the field of litigation services in the Mobile area. The department includes three Certified Valuation Analysts along with a Master Analyst in Financial Forensics.


LITIGATION EXPERIENCE through representation for a variety of businesses and industries, including: Medical, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail, Wholesale, Farming, and Construction.

DIVERSE EXPERIENCE assisting clients with bankruptcy, loss of personal income, loss of profits, business damages, divorce litigation and mediation, forensic techniques, and probate accounting.

EXPERTS IN COURT TESTIMONY (plaintiff & defense).

EXCELLENT UNDERSTANDING OF ATTORNEY/CLIENT needs and ability to transform that knowledge into a clear, concise, and successful product.

EXCEPTIONAL ABILITY TO COMMUNICATE complicated evidence in language understood by jurors.

DIVERSE EXPERIENCE IN VALUATIONS OF BUSINESSES, for purposes of estate planning, mergers, purchase, sales and divorce.

EXPERIENCE IN SETTLEMENT AND CLAIMS ADMINISTRATION of class action lawsuits including validating, processing, and paying claims.

INTENSIVE TRAINING in deposition, mediation and trial testimony.

Our Commitment to You

Litigation services are an important part of our practice. RTBH is a leader in the area of accounting litigation. Our commitment to you originates from our Firm’s strong commitment to meeting the highest professional standards in the field of accounting.

Our success is the result of our ability to provide a thorough and objective analysis of each case, and to effectively communicate the analysis to a jury. Our trial experience and skill has provided us with high juror credibility.

RTBH offers to each client, and brings to each case, a commitment to a successful trial outcome.

Case Highlights

The following case summaries are just a sampling of our many representations:

Settlement Administration:
Administered claims in class action lawsuit.

Fortune 500 Corporation Bankruptcy:
Distribution of assets for plaintiff.

National Surety Corporations:
Loss determination from misappropriation and Probate testimony.

Large National Corporations:
In-depth analysis of financial and business operations and Federal Court testimony to pierce corporate veil for plaintiff.

Small Business Owner Expert Witness:
Researched and testified as expert witness for new business owner to avoid possible IRS penalties and interest from contractor versus employee issue from successor owner.

Business Valuation:
Prepared numerous business valuation analyses for divorce litigation, civil litigation and others.

Divorce Mediation and Representation:
Financial analysis and business evaluation of fifteen corporations and business entities for settlement.

Identification and analysis of all issues that need to be covered in separation agreements.

Represented plaintiff with circuit court testimony on criminal prosecution case to determine theft by misappropriation.

Asset Purchase Trace:
Traced asset purchases made from misappropriated funds for bankruptcy for plaintiff.

Lost Profits:
Financial analysis in defense cases to reduce or eliminate verdict.

Lost Earnings:
Determined lost earnings in plaintiff cases.

Calculating Construction Delay Claims and Damages:
Financial analysis in defense cases to reduce or eliminate verdict.

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