Founding Partners

Four accountants – friends, buddies, partners – came together in the fall of 1987 with an idea to start a new and inspired CPA firm. Not the stereotypical firm; but one that does it differently. They came from a larger format where big brother had the plan on what our clients needed and wanted – they questioned that plan. They knew we could offer our clients something else. We could become more than our clients’ CPA. We could become their PARTNER, their confidant, and ultimately build businesses and futures together, all while maintaining our individual personalities and appreciation for each other’s talents.

It worked! Buddy, Mike, Jim and Robert have been together from the beginning and over the last 25 years have cultivated one of the longest standing track records of any CPA firm in the Mobile area. We are proud of our success and long-standing service to our clients. But more than anything, we are excited about our future and continued growth in the region. Most firms at this point in their story begin to break-up or merge with others; instead we are holding strong together, building our team of new young talent and growing our dynamic client base.