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Debit Hard Work – Credit Great Perks

During those sleepless nights staring at a tax accounting book, did you ever think it would pay off in Thursday night chair massages during Tax Season? Well, at Russell Thompson Butler & Houston that is what you will get. RTBH’s first goal is to make certain its staff feels comfortable and appreciated because when they do, the work they produce will be of the highest quality.

At RTBH, we strive to hire the best and brightest professionals. From community volunteerism to honor society memberships, our staff accountants are well versed not only in their core curriculums but also in their social networks.

Offering some of the best benefits and career opportunities in the Mobile Bay region, RTBH provides an excellent work environment that is fun yet challenging. RTBH is a cut above the rest, and we expect the same out of our teammates. Good investments take time and commitment to be prosperous. RTBH is willing to nurture you and your career so that you may be as successful as you desire to be.

Our quest to find the next RTBH accountant is forever ongoing. Finding the right fit for you and the Firm ensures a long-term relationship.

Executive Coordinator
Immediate Opening
Start date mid-July

Description: Executive Coordinator to work with RTBH’s Managing Partner and duties will include support in the areas of administrative and clerical, marketing, tax return processing at peak times, office supply/food management, light IT, and related tasks, including cross training with other administrative positions.

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