Business Interruption

Your bottom line is our top priority.

Business interruption is an unfortunate, yet all too common, occurrence in today’s volatile environment. Resulting from natural occurrences and accidental or intentional criminal acts, interruption of the normal operations of your business is often unavoidable. However, at Russell Thompson Butler & Houston, we are committed to minimizing the consequences of such incidents.

Our valuation team offers a full range of services from policy review to forensic accounting and business analysis and preparation of business interruption insurance claims. Through highly focused examination of historical financial data, industry trends and market conditions, we can determine losses and viable economic damages attributable to the interruption and provide the necessary claims support to ensure realistic compensation.

In addition to claims services, RTBH also offers auditing of business continuity processes as a preemptive measure to business interruption. Should your business operations become victim to disturbances outside of your control, we want to ensure you have a plan of action for a timely and successful return to your normal business procedures. Our dedicated team is well versed in the necessary elements of such a plan and is trained to provide assistance in ensuring its comprehensiveness and effectiveness. Because we too understand the importance of business continuity, RTBH strives to make certain you are ready when interruption occurs.

We do our job so you can do yours.

Our Services Include:

  • Policy Review
  • Analysis of Insurance Claims
  • Preparation of Insurance Claims
  • Lost Profit Analysis
  • Economic Damage Analysis
  • Business Continuity Auditing
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