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RTBH Tax-Filing Deadline Update

In response to the novel coronavirus pandemic, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced that individual taxpayers can defer their payment for 90 days, interest and penalty-free, up to $1 million to include pass-throughs and small businesses — and $10 million for corporations. At the time of this communication, the State of Alabama has not released any updates on possible deadline extensions or waived penalties, but we anticipate the same relief being granted.

As a protective measure, we are filing extensions for all of our clients.  We hope this will put your mind at ease from a tax obligation standpoint for the time being.  No action is needed from your end at this time. We will be in touch as new information becomes available.

Should you want to proceed with filing for the April 15 deadline, please know that we are operating in a semi-remote environment. RTBH offices remain open with limited on-site staffing and continued telephone answering.   We do have a secure client portal as well as email if you need to send sensitive documents electronically.  Should you need instructions, please let us know.  If you need to drop anything off at our office, we have placed boxes outside the door for your safety and convenience.  These boxes are being watched and will be collected continuously.   Your RTBH partners and accountants are processing returns as information is brought in, uploaded via our client portal, or sent via our secure email.  We do encourage you to file on or before April 15 if you are expecting a tax refund.

Best wishes to all for your health and safety.

The Partners of

Russell Thompson Butler & Houston, LLP


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