Angie Patton


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One of Angie’s favorite Russell Thompson Butler & Houston stories is from her interview with the partners before being hired. Angie recalls sitting at the boardroom table with two partners, one gets up and left her at the table alone with Robert Houston. Trying to make small talk, Angie said to Robert with apprehension “big stack of resumes”, Robert replied, “but yours is on top.” From that point to this, Angie has been on top of making RTBH’s work look professional.

For over twenty years, Angie has assembled and bound almost every return and financial statement that comes out of our office. She is also a hawk for spotting the tiniest of errors. Angie and her rubber finger keep the pace fast, perfection level high and the stress level down, and that is a good thing around the 15th of each month.

When asked, “What is it about the RTBH accountants that make them different?” Angie responds, “It has to be the Firm’s commitment and attention to details. Our processes are such that everything is checked, double checked and tripled checked before ever leaving our office. Our clients have come to know and trust that we go the extra mile to ensure our work is accurate and complete.”